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Checklist before moving to Korea (or any other country)

Recently, I found my “To Do” list from July listing everything I wanted to accomplish before moving to South Korea. I typed it out here for aspiring ESL teachers headed to South Korea (or, really anyone going to another country for an extended length of time) who have that feeling that you’re forgetting something.

I’ve included some links to help you navigate some of the more difficult tasks.

  • Buy camera
  • Bring calculator
  • Get copy of x-rays from the dentist
  • Haircut
  • finalize vacation days
  • make immunization appointments
  • solidify moving day – recruit help, order truck
  • create list of things to pack for Korea
  • Do inventory on what may need a converter
  • Buy Korea plane ticket
  • Download “How to Learn Korean” mp3s
  • Look up ESL lessons
  • Look at EPIK site for manuals, lesson ideas, videos
  • Get storage unit
  • Email everyone to tell them I’m leaving
  • Organize important papers and decide which ones to bring and which ones to copy and bring
  • Clean out car
  • Forward mail
  • Put cell phone on suspend billing
  • Buy some new clothes
  • Trinkets for kids
  • Gift for principal
  • IRS tax form
  • Photobook for kids
  • Make video to show kids
  • Buy new shoes
  • Gifts for teachers, vice principal
  • Gather bank info
  • Get car cover
  • Get cash, traveler’s checks, or won
  • See Joe Brown
  • Call to shut off internet
  • Update blog
  • figure out absentee voting
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Coffee?
  • Drop off car
  • Deposit checks
  • Pick a day for goodbye pub crawl
  • Drop off borrowed books at Kelly’s
  • International driving license?
  • Southeast Asia travel guide?
  • Pre-orientation tests
  • Call Insurance company
  • massage

2 thoughts on “Checklist before moving to Korea (or any other country)”

  1. The Waygook Effect says:

    Thanks for the link! Good luck in Korea! You should add me to your “korea-related blogs” section if you like my posts!

    1. Alex Pickett says:

      Yes, of course! I haven’t completely updated the links section on the site yet, but I’ll be sure to add you. Thanks for reading!

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