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See EXCO’s Trick Art exhibit before it disappears

If you live around Daegu and are looking for something indoors to do in the next couple of weeks (this Floridian is ready for spring), Alex and I are giving our official stamp of approval to Trick Art, the traveling exhibit that’s landed at EXCO until Jan. 22. You might learn a little about classic art, but mostly you’ll just make rude poses that make other spectators uncomfortable.


Many buses go right to EXCO, but if you are cabbing it, any taxi driver should know where to take you. Admission is 10,000 won and worth every bit. We spent about three hours making fools of ourselves, but depending on how creative your poses are, you could really make an afternoon of it.

Now go forth and get tricky!

2 thoughts on “See EXCO’s Trick Art exhibit before it disappears”

  1. Angel Investor says:

    LOL! Very funny but nice and unique paintings. Hope I could visit this kind of Art exhibit and make fun of myself with the paintings too.

  2. Tom says:

    Any idea what times the exhibit is open? I’m planning on going before work on Thursday! So around 10-11am?? ^^

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