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Teaching English is fun, or How I got my students to sing They Might Be Giants

I’m not always happy about living in Korea.

I’ll admit that on some days I roll out of bed and begin my day like a very grumpy zombie. On my walk to school, I curse the sun and the garbage piles and the construction crews destroying the stream near my apartment. Every time a Korean driver speeds up toward the intersection while I’m walking across, I inch closer to having an all-out conniption fit in the middle of the street. As the days get colder and my patience with winter thins, I wonder why I left my sunny city on the beach.

But as soon as I step foot on the schoolhouse grounds, my melancholy lifts. Little children in bright blues, pinks, greens and reds run around, giggling, hugging their friends and sending some very exuberant “Hello teacher!” words my way.

Of all the things that could make an English teacher in Korea hate their job, it shouldn’t be the students. (At least not elementary school students.)

Just the other day, one of my 5th grade classes did something that gave me that same “I’m-s0-glad-I-decided-to-leave-my-life-behind-and-come-teach-English-to-a-bunch-of-kids-in-a-strange-country” feeling. The previous week, they learned the days of the week and so I downloaded a song that would let them use their new English skills. I was a little worried, because they didn’t know all the vocabulary in the song’s lyrics, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

This is what happened:

3 thoughts on “Teaching English is fun, or How I got my students to sing They Might Be Giants”

  1. Jimmy says:

    This was great, and very cute.

    Good for you for putting a video of your class up. It’ll be nice for potential EPIK teachers to see it.

    1. Alex Pickett says:

      I hope they get a little inspired. Although some days are a bit rough, it’s moments like these that make it worth it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. doitwhileyouryoung says:

    its true, my kids make this job SOO worth it on days when I would rather get on a plane back home than go to school, they are amazing! I teach 5th grade too and they are my favorite, really cute video 🙂

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