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Welcome to Korea, again: SHINee, ddukbokki and diary decoration in this edition of Letters from Korean Students

We’re back from our travels — and what travels they were. Southeast Asia was good to us (especially Thailand), but it was oddly comforting to be back in the land of anyeong haseyo, norae bang and Big Bang. That’s why I thought I’d share these sentiments from my students before launching into the tale of our myriad misadventures.

One of my winter camp lessons was on e-mail and letter writing. My kids were thrilled about the prospect of writing to my best friend Kalynn, once I convinced them that yes, she would really be reading their letters all the way in Florida.

So, without further ado, here are the burning questions my middle schoolers had for the world’s best biffle (entirely unedited, except for names):

Dear Kalynn,
Hello? I’m a guam middle school student. My name is @$#@$#. I’m glad to meet you. I have some question. I believe you send postcard to me…
1. How’s weather in there?
2. Do you like winter?
3. Do you know SHINee? If you know SHINee. You like them?
4. What do you do in FL?
5. How do you meet my teacher?
Oh, I have a lots of question to you. So, this letter is going long…
Thanks for you read my card. How a nice day 🙂
Regards, @$#@$#

[NOTE: This one also included a drawing of a tree, a hand labeled “maybe my hand?” and a girl with a thought bubble reading “this is my first letter…”]

Dear Kalynn,
I am a student from Guam middle school.
I have some questions.
1. How old are you?
2. Do you have a boyfriend?
3. The weather in Florida is O.K.?
I hope to see you later!


Dear Kalynn ~
Hello. I’m Guam middle school student, $#%^%.
I know you is my teacher’s best friend.
I hear about you. I’ve got a few questions:
1. What is famous things of Florida?
2. How do you know Flanki teacher?
3. Can you come to our school?
I want to see your country and play with you.
Please retly.
Regards, $#%^%

[NOTE: This one included a lovely drawing of the student with “Flanki teacher”]

Dear Kalynn,
Hello. I’m a Guam middle school student.
1. Do you know Korea singers?
2. What is your hoby?
3. Are you happy now?
Happ new year!
Regards, #$%#$%


Dear Kalynn
I’m Franki teacher’s student.
I’m so funny
Because I with Franki teacher.
I like pizza. You too?
One time Come to my school.
This is fun!
Regards, %#$%#


Dear Kalynn
Hi. I am a Guam middle school students.
Franki teacher very kind and beautiful
I’ve got a few questions:
1. How many know Franki teacher?
2. Can you come to guam middle school?
3. Why do you like Franki Teacher?
4. How many beautiful Miami?
I want to see you, so I want to see your self photos? Can I see your self photos?
Regards, (&*^%

[NOTE: Clearly going for extra credit with the compliments about Franki Teacher. This one included a drawing of our school, of me, our class, and Kalynn in a helicopter coming to visit us.]


Dear Kalynn,
Hello, Kalynn. I’m Frankie teachers student. I hear your story from Frankie teacher. Frankie teacher said, “Kalynn is my best friend.” So, I want to see you. I’m study hard to English. Could you come to Korea? I want introduce for Korean food culture, like RAMEN, SOONDAE, DDUKBOKKIE … There are very delicious.
I want to see you.
Regards, %^$%


Dear Kalynn
I love you. So you should love me too. Maybe you don’t know me. So I teach 5 facts about me:
1. I’m human
2. I live in Korea
3. I have family
4. When I sleep, I lay
5. My teacher is Franki
Bonus: I’m Korean
Wow! Surprise. Now, your turn.
Regards. $%$^&

[NOTE: This one is my absolute favorite, and this kid cracked me up all semester. This letter also included a few lines in Korean that say, as best I can tell, sorry for my poor English, and I hope you understand that this is a joke.]


Dear Kalynn
Hello! I am middle school student from Daegu, South Korea. My name is %&&&&.
Kalynn, Do you know BEAST? BEAST is popular boy group in South Korea. BEAST have many fan.
My hobby us diary decoration. Diary decoratin is very fun. What’s your hobby? I want to hear your answer.
Regards, %&&&&

[NOTE: This included a not-so-flattering drawing of me with the note “Oh, sorry Franki <3”]


Dear Kalynn
Hello! I’m a middle school student from Daegu, South Korea. My name is #$^$%^.
Do you know BIG BANG? BIG BANG is popular singer. I like BIG BANG’s song. BIG BANG is rising star.
My hobby is listen to music.
What do you have hobby?
I want to hear your answer.
Regards, #$^$%^

[She included a labeled drawing of herself and all of the members of Big Bang.]

You just gotta love ’em.

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