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Current and former Creative Loafing employees comment on the bankruptcy

Nothing brings the web hits like a Creative Loafing post. Just ask Steve Fennessy.

The recent Creative Loafing court battle has prompted a number of current and former employees to analyze the situation. Wayne Garcia is covering the hearing with balance and facts. Former Creative Loafing Atlanta editor Ken Edelstein wonders if Creative Loafing‘s management are on drugs, and also provides an interesting gauge of CL‘s value by stacking 2008 and 2009 papers next to eachother. And, well, I’m making Terri Schiavo jokes.

Anyway, I’ll be obtaining court documents soon and will post them. Keep checking here for updates.

UPDATE: Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple (part of the Creative Loafing chain) weighs in about the bankruptcy, too. In the paper’s blog, he wonders why he had to take a pay cut a few weeks back if the company’s value is “going through the roof:”

Holy cow—in the middle of the greatest financial crisis in however many decades, and the greatest biz-model crisis ever to affect newspapers, our very own company has nearly doubled in value. Quick–someone call Romenesko!

0 thoughts on “Current and former Creative Loafing employees comment on the bankruptcy”

  1. Robin 'Roblimo' Miller says:

    Not many years back, a now-former Creative Loafing staff writer told me they had more meetings than any publication he’d ever heard of. Is this true?

    Meetingitis is often a leading indicator of an organization’s decline…

  2. Alex Pickett says:

    Lots and lots of meetings, but without much real substance.

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