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There’s a whole lot more unemployed journalists in Florida

Bob Norman of the Broward County New Times has the latest on the staff cuts at the Sun-Sentinel:

I got Tribune spokesman Gary Weitman on the phone in Chicago, and all he would give me were corporate platitudes. “We are constantly trying to improve the business model,” he told me. “We are doing a number of things to be efficient across the company. Getting into the nitty gritty details is not something I’m going to do.”

He told me to call Jennifer Sacks, the Sentinel spokeswoman. She told me that whatever was happening in classifieds was something she couldn’t “expand on.”

Isn’t it great how the Sun-Sentinel is so accountable to the public about what’s going on? For them, it’s all about sunlight, openness, and the power of the truth — as long as it’s another company.

Check out the list on his blog here. He’s also got an item up about layoffs at the smaller Palm Beach Daily News.

3 thoughts on “There’s a whole lot more unemployed journalists in Florida”

  1. Anthony Salveggi says:

    Alex, the comments below Norman’s post make for a great read, a mesmerizing stew of solidarity, bile, disappointment, disbelief, screed and righteousness.

  2. Clarence says:

    I thought Obama was going to make everything ok, like that Ghetto momma on the U Tube video “I don’t have to worry bout puttin gas in my car or payin my rent, Obama gonna take care of us”

    Why don’t you call the messiah and ask for a handout of cash

    1. Alex Pickett says:

      That’s a great idea Cdl! Now how about you call Sean Hannity and ask for a blow job! He loves to give those to the conservative guests he has!

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