Dispatches from the Sunshine State

St. Petersburg Mayoral Primary: At the Deveron Gibbons party

I’m attempting to hit every candidate’s election night event for insight, great political theater and free food. Next up: Deveron Gibbons.

Where: Push Ultra Lounge (upstairs from Kathleen Ford’s event)

Mood: Vague, much like Gibbons’ campaign. There are a few people mingling about, no real energy. Many patrons are just here to drink at the bar, not supporting the campaign. The few supporters are separated by the Lounge’s bar that wraps around the room. Gibbons hasn’t even shown up.

Who’s Who: Eric Atwater of Atwater’s Cafeteria is here. Otherwise, none of the big names that made Gibbons’ campaign, including Gibbons himself.

Free Food: Notta.

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