Behind the News

Quick hits: Rush Limbaugh, teabagging tax day party, IRS audit suggestions, mascot recession and cougars on Facebook

I’m a little bogged down with applications, resumes and a friend in the hospital, but in the interest of being a regular blogger, I thought my readers should check out these links:

Frontline’s executive producer David Fanning, political commentator Cokie Roberts and local journos galore!

Tomorrow, “teabaggers” rally across the state. (h/t to Blast Off! for the teabagging reference and check out Pushing Rope’s analysis on a certain Florida politician)

Did Rush Limbaugh give away his show for free to gain top ratings?

For all my procrastinators: Consumerist gives 16 ways to get the IRS to audit you. Now that you’ve successfully wasted 10 more minutes, here’s how to get an extension.

From now on, if you plan on getting arrested in Polk County, don’t keep any money in your wallet.

The recession hits sport team mascots. There goes my next dream …

Journalist: “This is America. Pound Sand.”

Gina Vivinetto joins the “Will Report for Food” club. Again.

And finally, cougars are taking over Facebook. At least thinks so.