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Republican National Convention adventures

Howdy blogosphere! Long time, no read!

It’s been a year since I left Korea and ended regular posts from my last project, Alex and Chickpea Do Korea.

But I assure you, I’ve been busy: A trip around the world and an almost equally exhausting readjustment to life in the United States — in an election year no less!

I’ve recently been reporting for Courthouse News covering civil cases in the Tampa Bay area. But I also some interesting moments last month when the media and Republicans descended on the Tampa Bay area.

I wrote about it for Tampa Bay’s award-winning alternative weekly, Creative Loafing.

From passionate¬†protests and dancing vaginas to a candid interview with presidential candidate Vermin Supreme — he wants to give every American a free pony — I braved $50 million worth of security and a phalanx of law enforcement to cover this convention like no other news outlet.

And, in a homage to the 40th anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail (which, incidentally, was the last time the Republicans held a convention in Florida), I ended my reporting with an unbelievable journey inside the belly of the beast. Bad tipping politicians? Republican pool parties? A hug with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich?

Yup, it’s all here.


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Best of G20: The People’s March

On September 25, the last day of the G20 conference, several groups organized a “People’s March” from the University of Pittsburgh campus through downtown. Weeks ago, the city granted a permit for the march and accompanying rally, but that didn’t stop scores of riot cops from escorting the estimated 5,000 protesters through the city. At one point, the crowd stretched eight blocks long, the hodgepodge collection of activists chanting, beating drums and holding every manner of protest signage. Here’s the people that stood out: