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Florida throws a bone: Extended benefits to the unemployed

If you’re unemployed like me, you’ve probably heard about the extended benefits program for Florida’s jobless, mostly likely while waiting on the Agency for Workforce Innovation phone line. So, you are probably — like me — completely freakin’ confused about the whole thing. How do I apply? How many weeks do I get? Any extra requirements?

Here’s the short answers:

You apply either by mail (the state will send you application) or at the online site you normally claim your benefits from after you’ve exhausted the normal benefit limit. You get up to 20 weeks, provided you don’t find a job before then. There are no extra qualifications, but you may be asked to provide proof that you’ve been looking for work at least twice a week. If you have all those e-mails, letters and application copies saved on your computer, now is a good time to compile them.

I don’t have time to put all the details in Alex-speak, but I hope the following couple links help you out:

  • FAQ by the state. This has a little bit more info about your work requirements.

3 thoughts on “Florida throws a bone: Extended benefits to the unemployed”

  1. jenna stanley says:

    they didnt even bother to let me know what form to fill out, so indeed i filled out the wrong one online, did it early though, june 3. so now its july 15th and still no word, tried for weeks to get in touch on tha phone, ya right, finally i did and thats when they told me i filled out the wrong form, so they cancelled my app, think they could of sent me a letter, i mean with all the other useless paper they send out. so now i have finally filled out the right form, now god help me, it might be 3 to 4 weeks b4 i even get a check, my car is already gone, no food for tha family, much less the pets. all i can do is keep hope alive!! feel free

    1. Alex Pickett says:

      I don’t think your experience is unique, Jenna. As I’ve stated in earlier blog posts, the whole unemployment system in Florida is inefficient and downright frustrating. Hang in there and keep reading this blog for some tips at navigating it.

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