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I’m baaaaaaaack!

It’s been nearly two months since my last column ran in Creative Loafing and nothing makes me realize this fact more than missing an amazing cycle of news over the last two months.

A crime wave in St. Petersburg. Early political jockeying in the city’s mayoral race. More criminalizing of the homeless even as more mainstream Americans are closer to poverty than anytime in the last 20 years. Buddy Johnson’s election foibles and a land deal that might have federal implications. Oh, and nobody will forget McNutball for months to come.

On a more personal note, I missed the chance to publicly eulogize Richard Shireman, one-half of St. Petersburg’s Homeless Outreach Team, who died in a car accident on Jan. 9. Whenever anything regarding the homeless went down in Pinellas County, I called Shireman. He was a tireless advocate for a compassionate and common-sense approach to Pinellas County’s homeless problem.

But, as the About Me section of this blog will tell you, I can’t sit back and watch the world pass me by for long. So, I’m doing what millions of other 21st century humans do when they want to their small voice to be heard throughout the world: Start a blog.

“Will Report for Food: Tales of an unemployed journalist” is my newest writing venture, meant to bring some of the same news and commentary that I offered in the pages of Creative Loafing. But unlike the vast sea of navel-gazing blogs out there, I hope to offer readers original news reporting and compelling narratives about notable people, places and events in Tampa Bay. Well, maybe a little navel-gazing, too.

Feel free to comment on the blogs, e-mail me privately or pass along some juicy news tidbits. Mmmmm… juicy news tidbits. And visit here often. In return, I promise to never add those annoying drop-down banner ads the St. Petersburg Times‘ website uses. I fucking hate those.

0 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaack!”

  1. Casey says:

    Dude, we’ll feed you. Do we get to choose what you’ll report on?

  2. wadetatangelo says:

    Great to have you back, buddy!

  3. wadetatangelo says:

    Oh, yeah, and I look forward to reading the excellent “Free Shit” section you started while at CL.

  4. Grant says:


    Glad to hear you landed on your feet. Our area needs as many venues for “telling it like it is” as possible.

    I still owe you that tour of Temple Terrace.

    Grant Rimbey CNU

  5. ester venouziou says:

    Glad you’re back, Alex. Looking forward to your writing and reporting again. Creative Loafing hasn’t been quite the same since the layoffs.

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