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Looking for a job? Some say these are the next growth industries.

I’m not sure why my personal e-mail is accessible to public relations folks. I thought I left those e-mails and messages behind when I left Creative Loafing. *sigh*

Nonetheless, sometimes I do get something useful and interesting from those PR folks. Like this handy image from


2 thoughts on “Looking for a job? Some say these are the next growth industries.”

  1. Heidi says:

    So you’re golden if you want to work at Wal-Mart and live with your mother …

    By the looks of it we’re helping bolster a shifting economy by getting older and more decrepit, employing more nurses to care for us, keeping credit card consolidation companies afloat with pitiful sinking debts.


    1. Alex Pickett says:

      And that wasn’t your goal with that journalism degree, Heidi? It was totally mine.

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