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South Florida journalists band together to help fellow laid-off reporters

Reporters don’t curry much favor with the public. So it’s no surprise that, during this economic downturn, laid-off journalists don’t get the same sympathy as, say, unemployed police officers or veterans. As newspapers across the country downsize, or outright cease to exist, who will help the unemployed journalists? Other journalists, of course!

Enter Stacy Singer. After watching friend after friend get the ax, the Palm Beach Post reporter decided to create a nonprofit that would provide short-term aid to laid-off reporters. She’s calling it “After the Jump.” Singer has already put the word out to several news organizations and has the support of the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Broward New Times reporter Bob Norman has the full text of Singer’s call to action on his blog, The Daily Pulp.

A worthy effort. If only we had a Stacy Singer here in Tampa Bay . . .

0 thoughts on “South Florida journalists band together to help fellow laid-off reporters”

  1. Erica Smith says:

    If South Florida’s SPJ is already on board, what’s the chance of expanding it to other SPJ chapters and Tampa?

  2. rcrunch says:

    I think laid off journalists should consider going to the darfur region of Africa to help the government kill Christians. It’s important work and for which they are uniquely qualified.

    1. Alex Pickett says:

      I’m glad we have some intelligent people responding on this blog.

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