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Unemployent: ‘Yup. It sucks.’

A fellow blogger posted a link about me on their website a while back (thanks!) and in the same post, referenced another unemployed journalist: Christine.

I’ve been fairly lucky receiving my unemployment benefits for the first time, so it has been hard for me to offer advice here. But Christine, apparently, has been through the ringer dealing with our antiquated unemployment system:

The majority of you will be forced to navigate your way through this governmental body’s miles of red tape and voice mail. You will spend anywhere from 35 minutes to 15 hours a month on the phone or computer fighting for your unemployment compensation money. And when you do finally get a check, it will hurt your feelings. If this is the only income you are receiving, there’s no possibility of retaining the lifestyle to which you’ve become accustomed.

Yup. It sucks.

Read the rest here.

I’m really interested in your own stories, too.

One thought on “Unemployent: ‘Yup. It sucks.’”

  1. KombatRock! says:

    Man, tell me about it, i just spent half the morning trying to wade through…30 minutes on hold to leave a message. I try every number available. They’ve outsourced their direct contact number to cheerful idiots who let you rattle on about your problem before they tell you that they’re not even with the unemployment office and you’ll have to take a number. Totally ludicrous (but bizarrely fascinating…kinda like the movie Brazil). Makes me laugh so hard I cry.

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